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1.  Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 9 days ago
Edited by Bethany Lister 9 days ago
Hey there!

I'm trying to revamp our Nonprofit Tech Club program landing page: https://www.nten.org/community/nonprofit-tech-clubs/. Right now clubs are listed in alphabetical order which is not great for helping new users find a group in their area.

I don't know if Google Maps is something that we need (ex. http://www.ynpn.org/chapters) as currently all of our groups are distributed in North America. I think something that will help divide up the regions for these groups (ex. west coast, northeast, etc.) will be more useful but I really don't know.



Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager
Nonprofit Technology Network

2.  RE: Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 9 days ago
Personally I do find the map helpful. Now that's because I can usually see at a glance there there is nothing with 1500 kilometres of me. So those who live in major urban American settings my not find that as helpful. But I like to see all the scope of the organization in one visual. 

3.  RE: Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 9 days ago
Trying to display regions / borders / areas on a map - awkward.

Simply displaying a marker for each city's tech club - easy.

Can be done without a plugin. But if you want a plugin, I recommend WP Google Maps - I use their free version on one site; their pro version on another. See Valuing Victims Campaign - Why Me? for a simple implementation of it. There's a legend, the colours have been matched to the site etc.

Jason King
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4.  RE: Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 8 days ago
I hear you, @Gordon Holtslander. That's good feedback!

Thanks for the suggestions, @Jason King! I'll see if I can't get this in our sandbox for testing.

This community = The Best. Thanks!

Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager
Nonprofit Technology Network

5.  RE: Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 7 days ago
This is a great question, Bethany! I completely agree with Gordon that getting a map overview can be a really nice way to get an "at a glance" summary of geographic reach. (For accessibility and search reasons, it's important to also include a text directory below the map with the same info.)

I don't know the plugin Jason suggests, though making sure you have a plan to maintain the map content is important, and so storing the data in WordPress and generating a map is smart.

That said, if you wanted to avoid going the plugin route-or if you can't add that plugin right now-you might consider managing the data in a Google Sheet and then importing it into Maps. I didn't know you could do this until I made our membership survey map for the NTEN WordPress community! Here are Google's instructions. I was really surprised how easy it was!

Mark Root-Wiley

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6.  RE: Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 7 days ago
Right now we are using a static image and Gwen's Imagemap Selector  which seems a robust solution if you don't need a lot of detail definition. We've had it up since 2013 at least with no maintenance needed (watch it crash now :p )  

That said we need to do a state by state map for regulations and policies and I'll be looking into @Jason-king 's plugin suggestion for that!


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7.  RE: Map/geographic region plugin

Posted 6 days ago

Carto is a map framework that our team has used several times, and it has worked very well. We haven't used it in conjunction with WP, but some quick searching shows that this should be possible without much trouble. It may or may not fit with your specific needs but it might be worth checking out.






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