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1.  WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 20, 2017 08:30
Hello everyone!

We've been using WPCurve for a couple of years for maintenance, security, and updates, and for changes/problems that are too big for me to fix on my own. We've been very happy with the service - quick, pretty accurate, friendly, and super affordable compared to the time it would take me to do it myself. 

WPCurve just was acquired by Go Daddy - and all my other feelings about Go Daddy aside - the transition has been pretty unprofessional. Which actually confirms all my other feelings about Go Daddy (and pretty much lives up to my expectations). 

If giving WPCurve at Go Daddy the benefit of the doubt doesn't work out, do any of you lovely people have recommendations/contacts/advice on an alternate WPCurve type service or person for a small website like ours http://www.communityit.com? 

I only need a little (reliable) extra help a couple of times a month, I need 1-2 day turn around time, and in the past we've found this isn't something developers do well or really want to do. 

Any ideas? 

Carolyn Woodard
Community IT Innovators

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2.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 20, 2017 08:51

Interesting to hear an opinion of WP Curve, sorry to hear about the post-acquisition problems.

Not all developers are good at support and maintenance. Some want to build it and forget it. Others don't think to put a proper support contract in place. Or they're not interested in small tweaks and want a big support fee. But there must be some good ones...

Has anyone here used a competitor service to WP Curve? Or getting good WordPress support from someone whose details you'd like to share with Carolyn?

Jason King
Freelance WordPress development and Google Ad Grant management
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking

3.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 21, 2017 03:07
"Some want to build it and forget it"

Just wanted to give a quick response to this that explains things from a developer's perspective. (Jason, I'm aware that you're a developer too, perhaps you have a different experience?)

Its actually hard for a solo developer or small agency - the kind of person that might do tech support for a small-to-medium sized non-profit - to offer a 1-2 day turnaround on support work.

I'm a freelancer and to survive and to be able to manage client expectations I need to have work booked in. I only have a certain number of hours available and I try to fill them up if I can. Support work has to be squeezed in where possible. Yes, I could set aside support time, but on one week I may get no support work, and on another week I may be overwhelmed with it. It's very hard to plan and fitting in a few hours of work at no notice is very difficult.

And as the number of projects I've completed increases the number of sites I'm expected to support increases too.

So I'm in a situation where I WANT to provide support but it's very hard to do so. I suspect many freelancers and small agencies face the same issues.

Companies like WP Curve get around this by having efficiencies of scale. They only do support and don't have to book in projects with deadlines.

But I suspect their service isn't as personal and you won't get someone who understands your project and set up. (Disclaimer: I've not used services like this...perhaps they are very personal?)

That said, to answer your question, look up:

- Valet: https://www.valet.io/services-website-development-support/#our-service
- WP Site Care: https://www.wpsitecare.com/plans/
- Maintainn: https://maintainn.com/pricing/

Ross Wintle

4.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 21, 2017 04:16
Thanks Ross, that's a good explanation, agree with everything you wrote.

I try to schedule updates and maintenance for Mondays as much as possible, but of course problems can arise at any time and need to be dealt with quickly, which as you point out, causes conflicts with other development deadlines.

Whilst it would be great if someone else (like WP Curve) could tackle all the maintenance and support, if the theme/plugins have been heavily customised they're never going to understand how the site works as well as the original developer. But for smaller / simpler sites, it makes sense and would be a relief to be able to hand over support duties to a third party service.

Development and support require different ways of timetabling work, different interpersonal skills, different contracts. Balancing both is tricky, so I see the need for support-only agencies and services.

One big advantage of WordPress because it's open source and popular, is that organizations can at least switch support providers relatively easily.

Anyone else here like to chip in? Anyone used one of these services?

Jason King
Freelance WordPress development and Google Ad Grant management
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking

5.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 20, 2017 19:36
This is an interesting question, Carolyn. I wasn't familiar with WP Curve so went to see exactly what they do. Do I understand right that the do small little website tasks and fixes for you? Do they also provide any technical maintenance work like backups and updates?

I know there have been other companies in the past like this, but the only other active one I know right now is Codeable.

Do people know of others?

Mark Root-Wiley

MRW Web Design / MRWweb.com / @MRWweb
Thoughtful WordPress Website for Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Organizations
Seattle, WA

6.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 21, 2017 05:36
Hi Carolyn,

Love the question! And sorry for the transition experience. I am actually quite surprised that Godaddy would buy a service like WPCurve, except for the aqui-hire.

As I am not the target audience for services like WPCurve, I was wondering if you could share with me the type of problems you had WPCurve to in the past. And how you communicated with them.

And a Thank you to Ross for the links to other services. Very helpful.

Birgit Pauli-Haack
Co-organizer Tech4Good SWFL
NTEN Nonprofit TechClub in Naples FL
text/call 239-595-3882
Skype: birgitpauli
Twitter: @bph

7.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 21, 2017 07:44
Hi Mark!

Yes, WPCurve for a monthly fee does backups, upgrades to the WP version and to plugins, and used to give unlimited support to do small tasks like add a menu button. Stuff like that. I'm sure it worked out that some accounts used lots of support and some used very little.

They have a stable of remote WP workers so every time you have a task it's a new person. To request a task you send an email with screen shots, one task per email and you can't request a new task until the first is completed, usually a less than 24 hour turn around.

Under Go Daddy they say they will provide the same services but are limiting support to 3-5 requests per month depending on your plan.

The account transition to Go Daddy was ... not very professional, and has involved a lot of back and forth to re-enter credentials, re-fill out forms, and wait for them to reply back. So I'm not at all clear how they will monitor the requests per month, or what other issues will evolve with our account, or how consistent the service will be - is the problem just the account people and the developers will be the same? Or will their developers get irritated dealing with the account people too, and leave?

It was a fantastic service! I totally understand why developers don't really want to do maintenance, I guess the WPCurve model was kind of like Uber, developers could login to work a couple of hours to augment their paycheck in between their real jobs. Grrr Go Daddy. Too bad WPCurve couldn't make the model work better.


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8.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 21, 2017 11:52
I've been using WPDude for a fairly similar purpose. They are excellent for updates, regular back ups, and the like. The downside is that their response timeframe on requests (as part of the monthly service) is quite variable. I've had some very good experiences and some frustratingly slow ones as well. They work for what we need but I'm not sure if the 1 day turnaround on custom requests is something they can do.

Kai Williams
Executive Director
Eugene, OR

9.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 21, 2017 16:25

Carolyn – We use CRSR Designs out of Kingston NY for WP monthly maintenance and other issues that arise (even a website refresh). You can call me if you want me experience working with them (at two different nonprofits) 845-331-2140 x276 or call them directly (845) 331-7338 Connie Snyder is owner and Lynn Bondar is my web project manager. You may also be able to find someone in your area who will provide you with the scope of work you need addressed. Good luck. T


Tara Collins

Director of Communications & Resource Development

RUPCO, Inc. | 289 Fair Street | Kingston, NY 12401

845 331-2140 ext. 276 office | 845 331-6217 fax | (607) 643-5148 cell




10.  RE: WPCurve alternatives?

Posted Apr 26, 2017 08:30
Hi everyone! Thanks for all your responses. Just had my first official interaction with the new WPCurve and it wasn't great! So sad when a good service goes downhill. So I'm very grateful to you all for putting these alternatives out there. And to all the developers - I really hope I didn't offend anyone - I totally get why developers usually don't like to do maintenance when it isn't a good use of your time or good return on your costs. And I think it probably takes a different mind-set too, responding to fires or growing a garden take different talents and energy. That said, some of us need a maintenance contract :)

Here are the recommendations in one place and a brief description if anyone else is looking. Thanks again for your help!

Cornershop Creative https://cornershopcreative.com has maintenance deals for $750/$2000 per year depending on your level of service, and are NTEN members.

Maintainn https://maintainn.com/pricing/ is VERY similar to WPCurve - $99/month gets you full maintenance plan and 1 hour of support, they also have SLA agreements you can customize. Looks from the site like they have a few set developers instead of the WPCurve stable
WP Site Care https://www.wpsitecare.com/plans/ Also similar to WPCurve - $299/month for a year contract or $399 month to month gets you full maintenance plan and "priority" support for 2 hours of developer support per month (your request goes to the front of the queue), they also have more expensive SLA agreements you can customize, or a basic plan $79/month 1 hour of developer support per month in the regular old nonpriority queue. 
Valet https://www.valet.io/services-website-development-support/#our-service Similar to WPCurve but the most expensive of these - $250/month for the bare minimum full maintenance plan and their recommended professional plan is $799/month. Seems more geared to ecommerce sites.
WPDude https://wpdude.com/wp-insure  Response time for new development depends on work queue, $50/hour for new work, fix on fail is included in $29/month maintenance contract, monthly payments, can stop service at any time more like a month to month lease. Cheapest option and a one guy shop.

CRSR Designs http://www.crsrdesigns.com - great recommendation from Tara (NTEN member) services similar to Cornershop, based in Kingston NY. Prices on request.

Codeable  https://codeable.io  You post your request and get "responses within 10 minutes" - developers that are part of their network can chat with you about it to clarify, then give you an estimate and you enter a relationship with a single developer.  $60/90 per hour depending on the task, you get an estimate per task from the developer that picks it up.  They also have "retainer" contracts but same thing - you post your site and that you are looking for a maintenance contract then you get matched with a developer who will do it.

Carolyn Woodard
Community IT Innovators
Washington, DC