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1.  Options for managing multiple sites with different languages?

Posted Oct 05, 2016 09:09


About a year ago we moved our website over to WordPress from Drupal.  We have 2 small international locations that are still on Drupal and are interested in moving over to WordPress.  The two locations are in Canada and Holland and will need to support their national languages.  When you work with clients that have different language requirements how do you best design/manage them?  Can you use the Multisite functionality in WP or do you build them as independent sites?  We will be using the same theme and some of the same plugins.

Your input is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Kim Hearn
Technology Manager
Icing Smiles

2.  RE: Options for managing multiple sites with different languages?

Posted Oct 05, 2016 09:26

Hello Kim,

Here's a small website I recently helped set up for a Chinese community group: ciac.co.uk.

That was done using the WPML plugin (WordPress Multilingual). Note they offer non-profits a discount.

So that's one WordPress install, a compatible theme, plus a plugin, plus some people who can do translation.

The Pro version of the plugin isn't expensive and lets you translate things like widgets, not just pages and menus.

I would regard using Multisite for that purpose as overkill, but there are varying opinions!

Prepare for some head scratching when trying to synchronize menus, but other than that I found it a breeze to use.

Jason King
WordPress Web Developer

Twitter: @jasoncsking

3.  RE: Options for managing multiple sites with different languages?

Posted Oct 06, 2016 03:02

Hi Kim,

I am agree with Jason, there are many opinions about multisite.

In my experience I use https://multilingualpress.org and I was happy with the result.

In essence I don't want a unique database with all the tables and the registers with all the language of the site.

If you search information in google about multisite you will find a lot of opinions.

A multisite WordPress needs more time at the beginning but it's more confortable in the middle and long term.

The guys of WPMUDEV have a lot of plugins only for MU Sites and you can find solutions for security and backup.

Javier Quilez Cabello
WordPress & Office 365 for Nonprofits

4.  RE: Options for managing multiple sites with different languages?

Posted Oct 07, 2016 13:20

To throw out another plugin, I just got done making a site with Polylang and found I preferred it to WPML. One unfortunate thing about every single translation-management plugin is that you will run into a lot of conflicts and certain things that can't be translated.

Backing up a bit, I think there are different scenarios for translation:

  1. One site provided in multiple languages
  2. Different sites, each provided in a single language

For #1, you need to use a translation plugin (don't just paste translated content into different pages!).

For #2, you'll want multisite if the sites will use an identical set of plugins, a single translatable theme, and a shared set of users. If any of those things aren't shared , just running separate independent copies of WordPress is often the best solution.

Mark Root-Wiley

MRW Web Design / MRWweb.com / @MRWweb
Thoughtful WordPress Website for Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Organizations
Seattle, WA

5.  RE: Options for managing multiple sites with different languages?

Posted Oct 10, 2016 16:54

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Kim Hearn
Technology Manager
Icing Smiles