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A place for nonprofit WordPress developers and content managers of all skill levels.
The WordPress group is an engaged network of WordPress developers and content managers, for all skill levels, by WordPress users for WordPress users, to encourage the usage of and advocate for WordPress.

Our goal: to support nonprofit organizations using (or interested in using) WordPress. Additionally, this is a safe and friendly place for beginning WordPress developers and users to ask questions and connect to like-minded people.

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1.  New podcast, WordPress for Nonprofits, is now live!

Posted Sep 19, 2016 09:44

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thank you to those who reached out to me when I originally recruited for guests for my new podcast on this board over the summer. I'm happy to say that the podcast is now live. Currently published are interviews with our own Chris Ferdinandi and Jason King, and coming down the pike are interviews with our own Cindy Leonard and Mark Root-Wiley.

I would be honored if you gave it a listen and let me know what you think, whether or not it's useful and helpful and such. Also still recruiting for more guests. If you work for a nonprofit or are a service provider that serves nonprofits, then I'd love to talk to you!

Thank you for your time, and enjoy your Monday!


Andy Stitt
Founder and WordPress Consultant
Deliberate Media Solutions
Host of the WordPress for Nonprofits podcast

2.  RE: New podcast, WordPress for Nonprofits, is now live!

Posted Sep 19, 2016 19:35

Congrats on the podcast launch, Andy!

I would really encourage some nonprofit techies to volunteer as guests! Andy was a great host and our recording session was quick and efficient.

I think we can all learn a lot from nonprofit staff using WordPress in the trenches every day (I know I do all the time) and you (yes you!) definitely don't have to be a "WordPress Expert™" to share valuable lessons with listeners of a podcast like this.

Mark Root-Wiley

MRW Web Design / MRWweb.com / @MRWweb
Thoughtful WordPress Website for Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Organizations
Seattle, WA

3.  RE: New podcast, WordPress for Nonprofits, is now live!

Posted Sep 19, 2016 19:39
I agree with Mark wholeheartedly.  I was a little nervous going into it, as I always am with interviews, but Andy is congenial and thoughtful.  He puts you at ease right from the start.  Having the questions well in advance helps you prepare too.


Cindy Leonard, Consulting Team Leader
Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University, 
339 Sixth Ave, Ste 750, Pgh, PA 15222
p 412-397-6007 | f 412-397-6016 | leonard@rmu.edu | www.bcnm-rmu.org

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