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1.  Training Courses

Posted Nov 11, 2016 09:07


We are looking for intermediate/beginner training, courses to train a few staff on how to do basic website content updates, backups, and more!  We are already planning significant website changes with the expertise of board members, and hope to include more staff in maintaining updated content.   Do you have recommendations for local or online programs?   Thank you,

Patricia Esquivel
Operations Coordinator
Life Span
Chicago, IL

2.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 11, 2016 11:10
It looks like there are a few WordPress meetup groups in Chicago on Meetup.com.  https://www.meetup.com/topics/wordpress/us/il/chicago/

Perhaps join one or more of those groups, post the question and see if someone might be willing to do a training for your org? 


Cindy Leonard, Consulting Team Leader
Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University, 
339 Sixth Ave, Ste 750, Pgh, PA 15222
p 412-397-6007 | f 412-397-6016 | leonard@rmu.edu | www.bcnm-rmu.org

3.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 11, 2016 12:12

Are you looking for a ready made tutorial / training package? That's helpful if your WordPress setup is relatively simple. I've not used either of these, just heard of them:



Then there are the how-to videos on http://wordpress.tv/category/how-to/ but some are more useful than others, and they're not organized in a useful order.

Or do you need a trainer? That can be a better option if WordPress has been customised a lot. But likely to cost more unless you can find a willing (and skilled) volunteer.

Jason King
Freelance WordPress development and Google Ad Grant management
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking

4.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 14, 2016 05:18

WP101 (https://www.wp101.com/) is also (so I've heard) a good learning resource with lots of screencast videos.

But also, I found myself spending lots of time sat in offices and coffee shops with people explaining the basics of WordPress. So for a while I tried to make a short, 5 minute video every day, to build up a library of my own training videos. These aren't hugely professional, and they're a little out of date now, but they are totally free and you can see them at http://press-ups.com and they are organised into "courses" at http://press-ups.com/courses

Making these took a little time, but in the long run it's saved me a lot of time as I just point people at them instead of spending hours sat in person with them. Yes, it's less personable, but most people are quite happy with the videos AND they can watch them again and again and, if their staff team changes, they just pass the link on and the new person trains themselves up!

If you don't like my voice (or anyone else's) these were pretty easy to make using my Mac, the headphone mic from my iPhone, and a simple application called "QuickCast" (http://quickcast.io/).  If you're on a Mac you don't need an extra application to screen-record, you can screen-record using Quick Time Player, and on a PC there are numerous solutions such as the "Ice Cream" screen recorder: http://icecreamapps.com/Screen-Recorder/

Ross Wintle

5.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 15, 2016 08:08

I've also used Lynda.com for basic WordPress training.  The training sessions are decent buy you just have to sort through a large library to figure out which ones would be best for your organization.  There is a fee to use these though ($20-30/month for an individual).

Kim Hearn
Technology Manager
Icing Smiles

6.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 15, 2016 09:34

I use Lynda.com for a lot of stuff.  I think their trainings are pretty good and I know they are created a learning path and "master class" playlists for WordPress.


I actually really like Lynda.com – I often pick a video or two from a training course to watch a lunch – just to keep skills sharp.




7.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 15, 2016 12:24

I don't know how common this is, but my local library system offers free Lynda access for all card-holders. That might be worth looking into! I haven't ever taken any of the Lynda courses, but I'm familiar with some of the people making them (Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Carrie Dils, Joe Dolson) and think quite highly of their work in general.

Mark Root-Wiley

MRW Web Design / MRWweb.com / @MRWweb
Thoughtful WordPress Website for Nonprofits & Mission-Driven Organizations
Seattle, WA

8.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 14, 2016 05:28

Ought to mention the WordPress for Dummies book. I'm not generally a fan of them, but the WordPress one is well written, by someone who has a good reputation.

Jason King
Freelance WordPress development and Google Ad Grant management
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking

9.  RE: Training Courses

Posted Nov 14, 2016 09:54

Thank you Cindy and Jason for both your suggestions.  Training specifically for us would be preferable, but expensive.  We are looking for any options, including custom training once the Website has been updated. 


Patricia Esquivel, Operations Coordinator

Life Span Center for Legal Services & Advocacy

70 East Lake Street  Suite 700

Chicago, Illinois 60601

312/408-1210 x111