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Employee onboarding/offboarding process

  • 1.  Employee onboarding/offboarding process

    Posted Apr 15, 2018 17:35
    My organization is trying to revamp its process for employee onboarding and offboarding. Does anyone have experience with electronic systems for handling these? I'm considering doing it in SharePoint or Salesforce, but maybe there are other options. Specifically, I'm looking for a system that lets us check off each required task for setting up a new employee and then notify the person responsible for the next task. It would also be nice to have a form for the hiring manager or HR to submit the original request. Thanks in advance!

    Gavin O'Brien
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  • 2.  RE: Employee onboarding/offboarding process

    Posted Apr 16, 2018 02:42
    I have used a great system that works with Salesforce: Screensteps.com.

    It has checklists, and lives, if you set it up that way, in the sidebar of Salesforce.

    They also have great support, and some training tutorials for creating onboarding processes.

    Check it out!

    Trish Perkins, Certified Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce MVP
    High Point, NC

  • 3.  RE: Employee onboarding/offboarding process

    Posted Apr 16, 2018 10:28


    You might check & see if your Payroll System offers those features.

    We recently switched from Paylocity to PayCom, and the PayCom software has lots of tools to support the Onboarding process. I can introduce you to someone in our HR department that is working on the transition project, if you are interested in talking.







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  • 4.  RE: Employee onboarding/offboarding process

    Posted Apr 16, 2018 12:17
    As someone who has worked with both HR systems, as well as with CRM-based as well as standalone systems, I have some observations.

    Good HR systems have in general a much more comprehensive functionality for onboarding, since this has been traditionally a domain of Human Resources teams. However, in order to make the most of it, you will have to have a HR system set up and operational. If you do, then by all means investigate that option (or share with the community so you can receive feedback).

    In lieu of a functioning HR system, your best bet is to investigate CRM for this. Sharepoint and content/collaboration systems are great for creating materials and content, however, will not have as sophisticated workflow ability as a CRM. Without those, much of the onboarding processes then become much person-dependent.

    Secondly, where is the employee data going to? Are you storing it in a database? The onboarding data should be recorded in the same spot where the employee's data is stored, and therefore the solution needs to be able to connect with the database storing that information. Without this connectivity, employee might be trained but you will not be able to track the trainings and credentials.

    Hope this helps....

    Medha Nanal
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