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1.  ETL Tool Platform of Choice

Posted Feb 07, 2017 10:46
"Hi folks! What's your on-prem ETL tool/platform of choice? We have a bunch of use cases that need to run via service on a terminal/db server, 1) get an file off SSH server, move it to file server, decrypt, decompress and parse/place data onto Oracle server 2) (optional) during parsing, run data integrity checks, handle exceptions softly w/o having the job "bomb" out 3) (optional) perform other data transformations within the DB 4) (optional) use web services to integrate with REST API services 5) ETL tool is designed with emphasis with configuration over developer based solutions

Ilene Anesini

2.  RE: ETL Tool Platform of Choice

Posted Feb 07, 2017 12:35

Thanks for this post, Ilene. For those who don't know, could you define "ETL"?


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3.  RE: ETL Tool Platform of Choice

Posted Feb 07, 2017 18:00
ETL = extract, transfer and load tool 

Ilene Anesini

4.  RE: ETL Tool Platform of Choice

Posted Apr 02, 2017 09:05
I would look at Talend Open Studio (https://www.talend.com/download/talend-open-studio/) - they have some great open source/free tools for ETL... As with anything, there will be some technical aspects to the automation.

Hope this helps!

Sanjiv Teelock
Xceede Solutions
Washington, DC