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Subject: "Spend money on the mission, not the software"

1.  "Spend money on the mission, not the software"

Posted Oct 06, 2016 08:31

With the idea behind the blog post of FreeCodeCamp in Medium about Open Source for Good I ask me which paid software you use or recommend to nonprofits. (If you don't know FreeCodeCamp I recommend you to visit their site if you would learn to code)

I think that in many cases Mailchimp is very expensive but is a common tool and it's easy find tutorials and information.

In this blog post they share a project for nonprofits for email service https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/nonprofit-email-service.

It's a awesome resource but you must have some expertise.

Do you recommend Mailchimp? Do you use some alternatives? Maybe MailPoet?

Which other paid software you use?

PD Sorry for the title, it's only to make the debate ;)



Javier Quilez Cabello
WordPress & Office 365 for Nonprofits

2.  RE: "Spend money on the mission, not the software"

Posted Oct 06, 2016 10:34

Good question.

Things non-profits should expect to pay for:

  • Decent web hosting with a well-known, well-regarded company, not a freebie from a small operator
  • A few WordPress plugins for backups, online forms, translation etc  - sometimes the free alternatives don't cut the mustard
  • Website support and maintenance (bit biased, that's my bread and butter)
  • If they have a lot of email subscribers, paid (but charity discount) version of MailChimp or similar tool
  • Hardware and software - hope they know about discounts/donations via TechSoup
  • Volunteers' expenses

Always ask for a non-profit discount.

Jason King
WordPress Web Developer

Twitter: @jasoncsking