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Subject: Knight Foundation Funding Museum Technology Projects

1.  Knight Foundation Funding Museum Technology Projects

Posted Jan 27, 2017 13:38
Hey y'all - 

I saw this come across my Twitter feed and followed up with some questions. It looks like a really great opportunity for museum folks to pursue some innovative tech projects. Here are some more details from a program officer - he also added that they are concentrating on art museums located in the US.

The deadline is tight -February 6th. Get on it!


Knight Foundation is exploring the impact of technology on the future of art museums. Specifically, we are seeking to support the experimentation, development and adoption of new technologies that attract audiences to museums and/or engage visitors in the museum space.
This is a new space for us, and so we’re issuing an open call to museums around the country to see what ideas they are pursuing to use technology in innovative and important ways. In particular, we’re seeking projects that fit the following criteria:
1. Shovel Ready: Is beyond the concept stage, either in development or ready to implement with an initial launch within a year of funding.
2. Audience Facing: Uses technology to attract audiences to the museum, engage visitors in the physical space or allow for personalization of the experience.
3. Replicable: Includes intentionality on how the technology or methodology used for the project could be adopted by others in the field.
We want to learn as much as we can about what museums are attempting.
We’re keeping things simple. At this link: https://goo.gl/gc0RLb you’ll find a few basic questions—no project plan or detailed budget required at this point. If you have an idea (or more than one) that could use funding from Knight Foundation, please submit it by February 3rd.  After taking a look at what you and others are working on, we’ll identify a few ideas in the coming months that can be funded from resources available and that fulfill the above criteria.
If you have thoughts or questions, please reach out to Kris LeCorgne (lecorgne@knightfoundation.org)  to schedule a short call with a Knight representative.

Jessica Holliday
Nonprofit Technology Network
Portland, OR

2.  RE: Knight Foundation Funding Museum Technology Projects

Posted Jan 30, 2017 10:43
Cool! Thanks for posting this!
that's poppin

Ariel Jensen-Vargas
Masters of Public Administration candidate, specializing in Nonprofit Administration
Marxe School of Public and International Affairs (until recently the Baruch School of Public Affairs)
Queens, NY