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For those doing digital strategy work, including written or multimedia content for nonprofit websites, social media, and e-newsletters.
This group is for those digital communications folks who create written or multimedia content for websites, social media, and e-newsletters for nonprofits. Members will discuss topics such as social media trends, digital analytics, developing content, storytelling, planning and resources, content strategy, and more.

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1.  18NTC Session on Email Marketing

Posted 12 days ago
Anyone in here already planning to submit or has submitted a session on email marketing? I have a ton of experience with marketing automation, segmentation, analytics, CRM integration, etc., and would love to contribute to a session - let me know!

Can reach me directly at


Laura Norvig
Digital Media Strategist
Scotts Valley, CA

2.  RE: 18NTC Session on Email Marketing

Posted 11 days ago
Laura, I'm doing a session on this topic at the Tech RoundUp next month in Albuquerque.  If you'd like to join forces, perhaps we could present together on this topic at 18NTC.

Norman Reiss
Senior Project Manager
Center for Court Innovation


3.  RE: 18NTC Session on Email Marketing

Posted 10 days ago
Laura - Please submit something! Your session was so great in San Jose, I am sure people would really get a lot out of how you present the topic. I know I would.


Beth Brodovsky
Iris Creative
Fort Washington, PA

4.  RE: 18NTC Session on Email Marketing

Posted 10 days ago

Please submit your proposal! Last year, I attended a session on email marketing that really changed my outlook on email segmentation. I would love to learn more, as I am sure so many others in the development and communications world would. If you submit your proposal, you can join the 18NTC Proposal Prep community to share your draft and request feedback. There may be people in that community who are also looking to link up to host a session on email marketing.  Thank you again and I hope to see you at 18NTC!

Here's the link to the community:18NTC Proposal Prep 


Lanette Rivera
Development and Communications Associate
Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

5.  RE: 18NTC Session on Email Marketing

Posted 10 days ago
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