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1.  Need help with creating a WordPress site

Posted Oct 12, 2017 09:33
Hi everyone,

I purchased a WP site with godaddy.com earlier this year, and I am writing to you because I'm looking for support in the process of building a customized, theme-based, bi-lingual site I want to build as first-ever platform for an amazing writer (who has not been published in English so it would need to be bi-lingual).

It would not have a ton of content initially and would include an online shop.

My experience is more in managing sites, Joomla and WP.

This website is a project that I am passionate about and not work/job-related. I do not have a budget but can exchange services such as promotion materials design for digital and print, social media support content/design/dashboard/strategy, website management, and other (would love to chat if this is something that resonates with you).

Here is what I think I need more specifically:

- Go over the theme that writer and I agree on (The Voyager, and it is not fixed in stone, just like the cover photo and simple layout) to see if it fits the nature of contents we currently have and what we foresee would be added in the future
- Help me understand how theme can be customized to fit our needs (and how easy it would be to change in the future)
- Help me think about creating a bi-lingual site in WP
- Any experience with online shop (I have working primarily with online donations, not so much sales).

I would love to tell you more about this amazing writer, too :)

This is my first NTEN post of any kind, I hope it's okay.

Any support with building this website is more than welcome: advice, feedback, learned lessons, tips, time and expertise.

If anyone would be interested to learn more about this project and help bring it to life, I would love to speak to you.


Taida Horozovic


2.  RE: Need help with creating a WordPress site

Posted Oct 12, 2017 16:04
Welcome, Taida!

Not sure if this is outside the realm of this group. It seems you already have enough figured out to put content in and get started. See where it takes you!

In my area, when I meet someone with a similar inquiry that is not related to a nonprofit or business I refer to the local WordPress Meetup to join like-minded bloggers, writers, and small business people to discuss more strategic things. I am a co-organizer of the meetup here in Southwest Florida and love to facilitate these kinds of discussions. This is so much easier done in person than via distant discussion group.

I looked at your profile and found you are from Mount Rainier in MD. The WordPress meetup group in DC is very active. I am sure you'll find some like-minded people to bounce off ideas on what your next steps could be. They hold a "Happiness Bar" on October 17 at 6:30 - Here are the details: https://www.meetup.com/wordpressdc/events/243880318/

Wishing you good luck with the new site!


Birgit Pauli-Haack
Co-organizer Tech4Good SWFL
NTEN Nonprofit TechClub in Naples FL
text/call 239-595-3882
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3.  RE: Need help with creating a WordPress site

Posted Oct 13, 2017 10:47
Hi Birgit,

Thanks for your response :) Yes, I am already in the WP DC meetup and because I have class on those evenings when they're meeting up - I am now working to find people to help me get the website-building process started so I can have those conversations as I build the platform. I posted my question in the meetup space too but did not hear back as of yet. I'll keep looking for someone who can help me build this.


4.  RE: Need help with creating a WordPress site

Posted Oct 13, 2017 11:25
Hi Taida,

Not sure you're really in the right place, since this forum for nonprofits using WordPress and I don't think you're discussing a nonprofit website. Also, your needs are very wide (you need everything) and this forum is generally more suited to asking simple, solvable questions or getting opinions.

This forum would be an unlikely place to find people to work on your project. I agree with Birgit that a local WordPress meetup, and if you can get to one a WordCamp, is the way to go. Meet people in person. Also, find out whether there is a WordPress group/forum for writers, there may well be.

Jason King
Freelance WordPress development and Google Ad Grant management
Carcassonne, France


Twitter: @jasoncsking

5.  RE: Need help with creating a WordPress site

Posted Nov 06, 2017 02:58
Hi there,

I recently setup a WordPress website using a pre-built theme and WooCommerce. I customized it after I imported the demo data, and I was able to develop it in a matter of a week.

Here is my recommendation:
- Find a WordPress theme from ThemeForest -- one that includes support for WooCommerce.
- Investigate their documentation, and analyze their ratings and reviews to determine if it's a credible, vetted theme.
- Purchase and install, following their documentation. Use the demo data to go off of.
- Integrate with PayPal.

If you need more help, we can talk. Check out my Affordable Web Design services at keymedium.com!

Ali Jaffar
Lead Developer at Key Medium LLC