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1.  Paypal donations - Not available in Asia

Posted Dec 05, 2016 06:14

I just read about NTC 2017, and read that Paypal is a platinum sponsor. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend since I'm currently in Asia. It might be an oppertunity to raise an issue relating to Paypal and Nonprofits. The option for discounted donation fees for NGOs, which is available in Europe and North America, is not available in areas such as Asia. In these countries charity work is very much needed, and there is no reason an NGO should pay 5% fees.  A concern might be raised about the monitoring of NGOs in these countries, but in many of the countries programs such as Google for non profits and Microsoft Product Donations  are already available, and Techsoup verifies the NGOs who apply. I checked it a few months ago and found no reasonable option to donate online (for less than 5% fees) outside of western developed countries. 

Perhaps this is something NTEN can present to Paypal?  

Ben Carp
Embrace NGO

2.  RE: Paypal donations - Not available in Asia

Posted Dec 05, 2016 10:20

Hi Ben!


It seems to me that InsideNGO would be a good forum for this issue. Is Embrace a member? In any case, I will raise the issue there and see if anything comes of it.




Keith Berner

Director, Information Technology

Freedom House


Phone/mobile: +1 202.747.7003


Skype: berner.freedomhouse


1850 M Street, NW, Fl 11, Washington, DC 20036 USA


3.  RE: Paypal donations - Not available in Asia

Posted Dec 08, 2016 23:30

Hi Keith,
Sorry for the delay and thank you for your reply.
At the moment EmbraceNGO is not an NGO itself (and I'm aware this might be confusing and must be taken care of), and we are not members of InsideNGO. Thank you very much for your help!

Ben Carp
Embrace NGO

4.  RE: Paypal donations - Not available in Asia

Posted Dec 21, 2016 22:35

Thank you for your post. We’re proud to serve nonprofits all over the world today, and are constantly pushing to expand our services for them.  Unfortunately our availability for Asian nonprofits is limited in certain markets today: in some countries we can only process domestic transactions for nonprofits, and in others we cannot process nonprofit transactions at all.  These restrictions stem from regulations in each of those countries.  We share your desire for PayPal to be available for great causes in every country around the world, and are continually working to be able to do that.