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For those doing digital strategy work, including written or multimedia content for nonprofit websites, social media, and e-newsletters.
This group is for those digital communications folks who create written or multimedia content for websites, social media, and e-newsletters for nonprofits. Members will discuss topics such as social media trends, digital analytics, developing content, storytelling, planning and resources, content strategy, and more.

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1.  Does anyone have an extra ticket?

Posted Mar 20, 2017 14:10
Hey all - 
Apologies if there is already a parallel thread going. For those friends of ours who decided to delay on getting NTC tickets until just now and are sad to discover it's sold out -- is anyone not using their ticket that they'd like to sell? (Note: this friend is in DC so only needs the conference registration, no hotel or anything like that.)
Thank you!

Julie Sint
Director of Account Services
Sanky Communications, Inc.
New York

2.  RE: Does anyone have an extra ticket?

Posted Mar 21, 2017 11:07

Hi Julie,
You might want to try cross-posting your request to the 17NTC discuss list as well. My guess is that most NTC attendees are paying close attention to threads in that forum just about now.

Good luck to your friends - I hope they gets a ticket!



Debra Askanase
Founder & Digital Engagement Strategist
Community Organizer 2.0
Waltham MA
(617) 682-2977