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1.  Experience using Expensify?

Posted Feb 13, 2017 17:33
Hey everybody! Has anyone had experience with their teams using Expensify?

My org is currently using TriNet expense, which has constant problems communicating with external systems like our accounting system and our Chase bank account in order to make employees' direct deposits for reimbursement. We like Expensify the best out of the alternatives we've explored and just want to make sure that we won't run into similar problems using it.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Kaitlin Miller
Director of Operations
Community Solutions

2.  RE: Experience using Expensify?

Posted Feb 14, 2017 10:44
For the past few months now we've been using Bill.com since we relocated our home office and I'm the primary authorizing signature on the account in a different location. We found it simple for dual approving of invoices, great integration with our QuickBooks system even in a hosted server environment and for staff, because it uses EFT as a payment option, staff along with vendors register and payments are processed directly. No checks, no mailing - so far so good!

Michael Sola
Executive Vice President
Fight Colorectal Cancer
Springfield, MO

3.  RE: Experience using Expensify?

Posted Feb 15, 2017 11:23
We had looked at Expensify, but at the time found that it would require extensive customization to meet our needs, I think because of having both 501c3 and c4 entities and a lot of coding. It was also mainly an expense report solution, and we were looking for a more comprehensive AP solution. We have been using Anybill for the past two years, and it's been pretty good! Our finance team can speak to it more depth. 

Miriam Savad
Director of Data and Technology
Center for Community Change

4.  RE: Experience using Expensify?

Posted Feb 14, 2017 10:49

We used Expensify for a while – I did like it – however, when we changed from QuickBooks to Abila MIP accounting – it was unable to handle all of the required coding – limited number of fields allowed.

I thought we got a pretty good service for relatively low $ - it just didn't scale up for all of the expense codes needed – Fund, Program, GL, Grant etc.



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