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This is the community forum for 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#19NTC) registrants. Use this group ask and answer questions, talk about the sessions that you're presenting or that you're excited to attend, and find other attendees to connect with before or during the conference.

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19NTC Notes and Slides!
6 2 hours ago by Jeanne Horne
Original post by Christine Mettler
Community Foundations
16 2 hours ago by Richard Wollenberger
Original post by Michael Clinton
Private operating foundation?
17 4 hours ago by Brian Cavanaugh
Original post by Annette Fowler
The week that was
1 22 hours ago by Tristan Penn
Original post by Stacy Whittle
Corporate Social Responsibility meetup?
13 yesterday by Joshua Lusk
Original post by Debra Askanase
#NTC19 Morning Run?
41 yesterday by Dave Hightower
Original post by Alec Reynolds
Seeking Salesforce users without the help of consultants
6 yesterday by Grace Doss
Explore Portland: Photo Walk on Friday
17 2 days ago by Rebecca Klug
Original post by Roshani Kothari
Friday afternoon guided bike tour: see N & NW Portland
8 4 days ago by Jacob Board
Original post by Stephen Blyth
Birds of a Feather Lunch Sessions
1 4 days ago by Joe Bobman
Original post by Susan Tenby
Meet at NTC: CRM transformation interviews
49 5 days ago by Medha Nanal
Original post by Lauren Bracey Scheidt
#ntcannabis #ntcbudnotbeer :)
23 5 days ago by Michael Clinton
Original post by Amy Dorfman
Online Learning Management Systems
4 5 days ago by Bill King
Original post by Kevin Martone
๐Ÿ”Why not stay the weekend?๐Ÿ€ 44 5 days ago by Stephen Blyth
Original post by Tristan Penn
Don't forget! Google Ad Grants Team offering 1:1 account help @ NTC
3 6 days ago by Judy Freed
Original post by Michelle Hurtado
Improv in Portland?
1 6 days ago by Devan Martin
Original post by Lauren Cross
Any PMPs coming to NTC?
9 6 days ago by Yavnika Khanna
Original post by Jessica Truex
Exploring Portland by bike
1 6 days ago by Lauren Turner
Original post by Alex Beszhak
BoaF Board Games
13 6 days ago by Sean MacCready
Original post by Patrice Powell
Lost earring - please help find it!
0 6 days ago by Tamilla Mirzoyeva
๐Ÿ‘‹ Introductions! ๐Ÿ‘‹ 172 6 days ago by Augustus Diraviam
Original post by Tristan Penn
#19NTC CrossFit?
2 6 days ago by Elliott Bent
Indoor Rock Climbing
7 6 days ago by Kelly Proctor
Original post by Kerry Meyers
New England meet up in Portland
12 6 days ago by Carrie Simmons
Movie Night?
5 7 days ago by Stacey Monty
Original post by LaMont Sledge
Can't make it. Would anybody like a discounted registration?
6 7 days ago by Michele Linton
Original post by Adam Kaye
Walks during afternoon breaks 13 7 days ago by Karen Harter
Original post by Brie Richards
Texans (and those that want to be)
0 7 days ago by Mary Beth Harrington
Calling fellow YNPN board members and members!
4 7 days ago by Aine Creedon
Original post by Ellen Miller
โœˆ๏ธ Flying into PDX for #19NTC? (Travel Thread) โœˆ๏ธ 25 7 days ago by Laura Norvig
Original post by Tristan Penn
Rain Garden at the Oregon Convention Center!
1 7 days ago by Doug Agee
Original post by Karen Borchgrevink
Attendees of Color
5 8 days ago by Randall Coleman
Original post by Aki Shibuya
Hi LGBTQ attendees; meet up at #NTCqueer
0 8 days ago by Chris Tuttle
User feedback sessions with NTEN
1 8 days ago by Amy Sample Ward
Analytics and Innovation: Meetup and Interviews
4 9 days ago by Taylor Shanklin
New Birds of a Feather lunch table: Salesforce
0 9 days ago by Watt Hamlett
Critters at NTC
1 9 days ago by Kirk Schmidt
Original post by Damon Kirkpatrick
#ntcbeer and any other #19NTC community gatherings 41 9 days ago by James Stewart
Original post by Jenn Johnson
You're Invited to Happy Hour + Karaoke Thursday 6-8pm #NTC19
10 11 days ago by Larkin McGowan
digital teams - your input needed!
0 11 days ago by Ryann Miller
Kids in Portland! Looking for family-friendly recommendations
7 11 days ago by Jon Chabun
Original post by Brian Cavanaugh
Women in Art Concert celebrating Women's History Month 0 11 days ago by Brie Richards
๐ŸŽ™19NTC Sponsors & Exhibitors, please stand up! ๐Ÿ† 33 11 days ago by Kassandra Swenson
Original post by Tristan Penn
Angelenos in Portland
3 11 days ago by Karin Tracy
Original post by Karen Borchgrevink
Career Center appointments?
6 12 days ago by Andrea Post
Original post by Aki Shibuya
๐Ÿšจ4 DAYS AWAY! ๐Ÿšจ 0 12 days ago by Tristan Penn
#19NTC SPAM Reminder/Notice
0 12 days ago by Tristan Penn
Vocรช fala portuguรชs?
0 12 days ago by Tim Shores
Any photographers at NTC?
2 12 days ago by Maria Orr
Original post by Rachel Clemens
Intro from a newbie
0 13 days ago by Mary Zinn