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A group for those in nonprofit IT decision-making roles to connect with peers and share best practices.
This Technology Decision Makers group is for nonprofit IT or MIS Directors/Managers as well as CIOs and CTOs to connect with their peers and share best practices. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: hardware and software management, product reviews, emerging technology, best practices, collaborating effectively with other departments, and management conundrums. Membership is restricted to IT staff at nonprofit organizations.

Current organizers: Richard Wollenberger and Colin Boyle
Meeting: This group typically has a monthly community call on the fourth Wednesday at 1pm PT
Collaborative notes and community call-in information:
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Hosted VOIP Providers
3 yesterday by Arjun Reddy
ORG Structures that work, don't work
3 yesterday by Colin Boyle
low cost online database
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Satori end of life and Blackbaud product
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Experience using Expensify?
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Conference Calling / Audio Bridge
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Looking for a database/CRM/reporting consultant
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What is your take on antivirus solutions?
5 one month ago by Kevin Conley
Expanding the consultant pool
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Remote Access Survey
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Domain name registrars?
4 one month ago by Dan O'Brien
Best places and/or recs of firms interested in bidding on an RFP?
8 one month ago by Lisa Jervis
E-signatures using SharePoint
1 one month ago by Colin Boyle
Online tools for collaborating, editing, and exporting books (print and electronic)?
1 one month ago by Melissa Berrett
Adaptive Insights
3 2 months ago by Dan Shenk-Evans
Online Video Distribution/Sales: SendOwl, Vimeo Pro or VHX?
0 2 months ago by s butler
DocuSign vs. Adobe Echosign
5 2 months ago by Bethany Lister
Free Webinar Tuesday - Supporter Signup Code Blocks on The Groundwork
0 2 months ago by Elizabeth Brigham
Dinner management systems
5 3 months ago by Melissa Berrett
explaining the web development process to nontechnical folks
5 3 months ago by Richard Wollenberger
WTF Telephony consultant
3 3 months ago by James Bristol
Job Board - what does your site use?
3 3 months ago by Hillmon Ancrum
MS Access and why we don't support it
3 3 months ago by Isaac Shalev
It and tech review
4 3 months ago by Tom Robey
Technical Interview Questions
10 3 months ago by Melissa Berrett
before the RFP
6 4 months ago by Ebenezer Dadzie
Free webinar this Thursday at 1 PM - Getting a Website that Works
0 4 months ago by Joshua Peskay
Server Purchase Review
1 4 months ago by Andrew Reddy
video conferencing recordings
1 4 months ago by Joshua Nichols
multi-state charity registration
0 4 months ago by Kaitlin Miller
IT Conferences
1 4 months ago by Robert Weiner
Email policies for users on extended leave or have left the organization
3 5 months ago by Matt Veltkamp
3 5 months ago by Colin Boyle
Looking for SharePoint Online Consultant
1 5 months ago by Lauren Salazar
Seeking advice: Nonprofit board involvement in IT decision making
1 5 months ago by Deborah Finn
assessing technology
5 6 months ago by Novita Rogers
0 6 months ago by Richard Saunders
Time Tracking Software
3 6 months ago by Elizabeth Prescott
CRM Salesforce - what databases are you using?
4 6 months ago by Matt Seney
Saying goodbye to Alex, welcoming Richard, and recruiting another 1-2 volunteers
4 7 months ago by Bethany Lister
streamlining staff feedback
7 7 months ago by Redante Asuncion-Reed
0 7 months ago by Miriam Savad
Exchange Server Defaults?
2 7 months ago by Colin Boyle
OneDrive versus SharePoint?
3 7 months ago by Jennifer Weber
Boston event: Nonprofit CEOs as Technology Decision Makers
0 8 months ago by Deborah Finn
Migration to Office 365
5 8 months ago by Michael Hofrichter
Reminder: Community call tomorrow + recruiting two organizers to steer this group
0 8 months ago by Bethany Lister
Convert newsletter to a Community Calandar
3 8 months ago by Lisa Jervis
Spam Filters
2 8 months ago by Ken Montenegro
Monthly Call Notes 2016/04/27
1 9 months ago by Sara Theurer