19NTC Proposal Prep

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The Nonprofit Technology Conference's education program is community-driven and collaborative from the very beginning. 19NTC session proposals will be accepted from July 9 to August 17. Community members are encouraged to request and provide feedback on session drafts during that time. Join this online prep group to participate and help us make the 19NTC our best conference yet!

To request feedback:
1. Submit your session draft through the NTC site
2. Join this group
3. Create a new discussion post in the session feedback group (if requesting feedback on multiple sessions, be sure to create a separate thread for each one)
4. Use your session title as the subject line
5. Paste in the link to your session from the NTC site, add any notes, and post
6. Perhaps give suggestions on someone else’s session while you wait for feedback on yours

To give feedback:
1. Join this group
2. Look through the subject lines for a session title that matches your interests
3. Click through to the discussion and reply publicly with your feedback
4. Keep your comments constructive and actionable
5. We’d like everyone who requested feedback to receive at least one response, so try to prioritize posts with no replies