Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

NTEN’s online community platform is available for community members to ask questions, give advice, and share resources about all things nonprofit technology. Help create a safe and welcoming experience for everyone and maintain the value of the community by following these community guidelines.

Guidelines & Responsibilities

Behavior: Respect others. Focus on the content of posts and not those who are making them. NTEN’s Code of Conduct illustrates examples of unacceptable behavior, reporting information, and consequences.

Privacy and Trust: Respect your peers by not scraping their contact information from the forums or directory. Please ask before sharing someone's comments or resources outside of the community. See NTEN’s Privacy Policy for additional information on expectations of privacy.

Marketing and Self-Promotion: Respect the community's purpose by not using it as a marketing channel. There can be a fine line between helping someone answer a question and pitching an event, product, or service, but we can tell an obvious pitch when we see one. (Note: Job posts and RFPs are welcome on the Nonprofit Tech Job Board.)


We cannot monitor all posts for content, therefore we rely on the community to let us know when an issue needs to be addressed. If you run into something or someone on NTEN’s community platform which you believe is not meeting the community guidelines, let us know.

You can always contact NTEN’s community manager directly. Or, you can flag a post for moderation via the online platform.

Community members who violate our guidelines will be notified and offending posts will be removed. NTEN reserves the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by these guidelines.


NTEN Community Manager

Revised: October 26, 2016