Effective Posts

How to Create Effective Posts

Use the following tips to create an effective post that will help you, as well as the larger NTEN community.

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  • Search the platform before you post. There might be an existing thread you can add your question to.
  • Write clear subject lines. Reflect your question/topic well enough so that the next person searching the platform will be able to follow the thread to an answer rather starting a new thread.
  • Good posts are specific. A question like “How do I get more traffic?” is much more difficult to answer than “What are cost-effective ways to get traffic from Google?”
  • Good posts are actionable. Don’t simply post an article and ask what the community thinks as this isn’t likely to get much response. When sharing an article for discussion, include a short excerpt along with a single, actionable question.
  • Limit yourself to one question or topic per thread.
  • Omit or define jargon and acronyms.
  • Bonus: Follow-up by responding to your thread. Let the community know how the situation worked out and thank participants for their help.