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    Excel macros/automation

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    The other day I created an Excel macro for the first time!  There's some data that I need that gets dumped out into a CSV file and there's some repetitive ... More

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    that #3 point is so important. Ever heard the expression, "I didn't leave my job, I left my boss."  Our managers, our bosses have a lot of influence over ... More

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    Fran, Good question. Is there a particular group you are working to offer the CE to? We do a bit or working offer CFRE and CAE credits for most of our ... More

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    Has there been any movement on the new forum? I'd be interested in joining, but I can't find it. ------------------------------ Jeffrey Muckensturm Audience ... More

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    Hello,  Does anyone else work for a non-profit that awards CE credits for any of their events?  We are looking for a solution for the required evaluation ... More