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    A Virtual Huddle on Virtual Fundraising Events Are you reeling from the cancellation of your galas and fundraising events? How do you replace the experience ... More

  • Posted in: Digital Advertising

    I agree with what Tricia said about creating an engaged audience/community. One quick way to do that is to post regularly (2-3 times/day) so that your ... More

  • Posted in: Discuss

    Hi Steve, I'm not familiar with grant administration services quite in the way you're talking about. There are grant management consultancies, and they ... More

  • Posted in: Discuss

    Hey Bill, You can add external users as members of a shared drive only if they have a Google Account associated with their email address.  If not, only ... More

  • Posted in: Discuss

    Hi Kimico, That was it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can now stop beating my head against the wall :-)   One other question if I may: is my understanding ... More

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