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  • James We work with a fantastic North American team at The Admin Center:  http://theadmincenter.net/ We have them focus only on business admin for us (phones, bookkeeping, ... More

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    +1 - I love seeing this information here. Thanks Bethany! ------------------------------ Joshua Peskay Vice President RoundTable Technology joshua@roundtabletechnology.com ... More

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    Tiny steps, right? I'm going to schedule 4 hours per week for learning or atypical creativity. Because my job is about my creative side, I need to learn ... More

  • I just hired a guy from Baltimore, but he's spent his career working for staffing firms and doesn't know anything about MSPs, sorry. ------------------------------ ... More

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    After a fabulous video chat last week (collaborative notes/resources here , and post by author Beth Kanter here ), we're excited to launch the fourth ... More