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    @Julia Toepfer , I also love this idea AND your discussion with @Lanette Rivera about do's and don'ts. One possible approach is taken in this Care2 ... More

  • Hi BJ, Thanks so much for your question. I've been out of town, so I just couldn't participate in the discussions or present my idea for feedback. ... More

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    RE: Introductions

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    Hello Everyone! I was introduced to this group by Janice at a recent Techies 4 Good meet up here in Baltimore. Glad to be here! Without further ado, here ... More

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    Happy Friday, everyone! As part of NTEN's Digital Inclusion Fellowship program, we put on webinars that are free and open to our community.  Previous ... More

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    That is so true! We have Financial Edge and were told that RE worked perfectly with it. Not so! Lots of time and money spent to get it to do what ... More