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    Thanks for flagging this for all of us, Jason! I got the email from Google, but I was busy and had put it in the "look at between Christmas and New Years" ... More

  • I'm searching right now for exactly the same thing! My personal favorite is Asana but for some reason my team couldn't get hold of that so we've been using ... More

  • Well @Colin Boyle and @Bethany Lister , not sure I'm wonderful, but I am determined to see this community grow. Having another organizer would be a ... More

  • We use Smartsheet as well and have found it to be a useful tool for many things, including project management. It has a nice web form feature that we've ... More

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  • Hi Bukola. This might push in the direction of even more sophisticated / robust, and it is good to know that it might be better for tech specific projects, ... More