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    What level of remote control do you need? I haven't used Zoom's remote control features,but they have both a basic control user's screen  and remote ... More

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    As one of the many businesses in our community that have shifted to a work from home environment during this difficult time, we understand that working ... More

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    Hello, I've used Splashtop for about 3 years for My Non Profit and have been really happy with it. I've never used Team Viewer but we had LogMeIn before ... More

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will offer this an option.  Mary ------------------------------ Mary Gaughan Boston, MA --------------------------- ... More

  • Hi Ujjwal Shukla(AKA DJ) - Business Manager at DAMCO Solutions we are based in Princeton, NJ (  https://www.damcogroup.com/industry/nonprofits.html ... More

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