Aimee Charlton

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I'm an energetic and positive team player who is people/animal-focused! I've taught anywhere from 7th grade-university level and was an advocate and mentor for my students during that time. Now I get to be an advocate for animals along with all the network partners who fight for them everyday.

My gigs in the corporate realm have included:
-Writing usable self-help content
-Driving larger self-help initiatives to reduce call volume and provide better customer experiences
-Managing people and programs within Intuit's online community and social spaces
-Creating a digital space for Best Friend's Animal Society's 1500+ network partners to engage, unite, share advice and more.

I'm passionate about the fact that how we talk online matters. It's actually fun to be less stodgy, friendly and real, while still professional. I've seen it in action and it feels natural and authentic. In turn, the users like it better too.

At the end of the day, my goal is simple: to make sure users have an easy and efficient way to reach out and share. And when they do, that they find themselves engaging in an attentive, delightful and mutually beneficial online experience.

Job History

Best Friends Animal Society
Digital Community Outreach Manager
October 2016 - present