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I'm Gregg Banse, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vergennes, Vermont. Don't look at the website yet - I haven't published the new version yet. :o) We're a small non-profit dedicated to researching and sharing the natural and cultural resources of Lake Champlain (in-between New York and Vermont states). I've been in the online world since before Google as a service provider and a service consumer. Recently, I was the webmaster for George Mason University, leading their website overhaul project (65,000 pages of content and over 1200 stakeholders). I then took a position with American University as their Director of Digital Strategies. Before all of that I ran my own consulting business and helped clients with website projects and online marketing in the US, UK, Asia, and Canada. I'm white hat but have dabbled in black hat stuff just to learn how it worked and what to look out for from a defensive point of view. I am a former moderator of WebmasterWorld ( and have presented on eCommerce, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, choosing appropriate technologies, and internet security. I'm a graduate of the ASK Method Masterclass and have been developing automated marketing segmentation funnels - appropriate to our scale - for LCMM. On my own time I pursue my passion of teaching webmasters how to step above the daily grind, view the big picture, and make the critical decisions that will help them lead their organization to success. I love what I do! On a personal note, I love Celtic music and am an Irish fiddler. I run and love to kayak, a daughter and two step sons, two rescue dogs. Contact me anytime if you'd like to talk shop or kibbitz.