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Chief Customer Office | CSRA Inc.

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Chief Customer Office | CSRA Inc.

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My career mission is helping nonprofit, government and for-profit organizations to become more human, less mechanical and more competitive. I began developing experiential social media in 2006 after a career in hightech and consulting with global and entrepreneurial firms. I've learned that individuals and organizations thrive when they put serving other people as their first priority, and . Even self-serving capitalistic firms are more profitable when they stop selling and start empowering their most profitable customers. When organizations stop trying to convince people to buy or support, people buy and support more, because it's voluntary. Digital social public changes many of the rules of trust, relationship, affiliation and preference, but few organizations have discovered it, and I love helping them adapt and thrive. Experiential social media builds trust and relationships through interaction in digital social public, where everyone observes one's behavior. Trust is built through action, not words: although digital public is highly verbal, it is not the words that changes trust; it's the unconscious attitudes and impulses behind the interactions. My teams specialize in developing empathy with our clients' stakeholders through ethnographic research of social media. Then we empower and support people through interaction—in ways that correlate strongly with our clients' missions and services. We interact as our clients, but we rarely promote or talk about their services because that diminishes stakeholder attention and trust. The result of putting people first is that they support you more, and love doing it.


University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Chicago, Illinois, United States
1989 To 1990

Kalamazoo College
kalmazoo, Michigan, United States
B.A., 1982
History, French
1978 To 1982
Dissertation: The Black, The White, and The Orange
Advisor: Henry Cohen & Conrad Hilberry

University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Chicago, Illinois
Certificate, 2000
Corporate Strategy

Job History

CSRA, Inc.
Managing Director
January 2006 - present

Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Alliances
Chicago, IL, United States
January 2002 - January 2006

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC
Principal Consultant, Management Consulting Services/Corporate Strategy
Chicago, IL, United States
January 1998 - January 2001

Marketing Director
Chicago, IL, United States
January 1997 - January 1998