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I will assume the position of IT director with League of Women Voters on October 2, 2017. My role is more strategic and managerial than technical; we outsource all technical IT functions and application work. My background includes two master's degrees (international relations 1989 and technology management 2013) and an undergraduate degree in theatre (1982). My skill and expertise areas are: -organizational management -financial management -nonprofit organizations -project management (PMP [lapsed]) -technology strategy, planning, and alignment -vendor selection, contracting, and oversight -procurement -software selection -business process analysis and improvement -end-user training -end-user system configuration and troubleshooting I have lived abroad -- in Sweden and Germany -- and have traveled to other parts of the world. I'm a proud resident of Takoma Park, MD (aka 'The Peoples Republic of Takoma Park'), where I'm active in local politics in my free time. I'm married to Marty Ittner (, an accomplished graphic designer. We have a dog and 2 cats.