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San Francisco, CA

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Carrie Rice is a nonprofit consultant based in San Francisco. She specializes in developing and growing individual donor programs and providing board/staff leadership training through her work in Empathetic Nonprofit Management. Carrie's goal is to rapidly discover an organization's pain points, work closely with various key stakeholders, and create long-term actionable plans (with follow up!). As a consultant, she follows the campsite rule - she always leaves organizations better than she found them. Carrie has a master of arts degree in public policy with a focus on women’s studies from The George Washington University. Carrie is also the co-founder of Project Donor Love, whose mission is to streamline nonprofit organizations' online donation process to make donating easy and compelling.

Job History

Project Donor Love
January 2018 - present

Carrie Rice Consulting
Nonprofit Consultant
January 2015 - present